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Catalog moonshine "Gorilych" and component parts of the Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus: price, photos, description

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Cheap moonshine "Gorilych" with factory guarantee: always available distillers, mash column, steam drum, coolers and related products delivery to Russia and Kazakhstan

Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus (CHZDA) - a company profile, adjust manufacture moonshine, collapsible steam drum, coolers, stills and other components for high-quality category. Our factory household moonshine "Gorilych" satisfy the requirements of all customers. Our domestic distillers:
quality, reliable, compact, completely safe, long-term trouble-free operation.

Want to buy moonshine in the store?
In our catalog you will certainly find the most suitable for you home moonshine, which will fully meet your requirements for performance, volume and quality of the final product.
All components "CHZDA" spreads factory warranty. Selling moonshine made throughout the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. Record the our site to your favorites and follow our offer: you can become the proud owner of a quality home-brewed apparatus at guaranteed lowest prices!
Factory moonshine "Gorilych" (distillation apparatus), distillation columns, coils, chillers, steam drum, stills and other components will provide the raw material for distilled alcoholic beverages, the maximum cleaning and receive only high-quality and affordable product!

Order moonshine "Gorilych" or components
Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus (CHZDA) sells its products in this store. You can take advantage of the delivery service. It is carried out in all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. You will not be easy to make a purchase through this site moonshine, because here provides a convenient and intuitive interface.
You can compare several models of favorite columns and mash moonshine with each other and choose the most suitable. For each distiller provides detailed specifications of its design, configuration and capabilities. Reliable and inexpensive moonshine "Gorilych" buy profitable all through the official website CHZDA: you get the product data sheet, warranty card, instructions, producer price and detailed advice on any question about the product and its delivery.

How to choose the best moonshine
All models are made of durable stainless steel. The parameters that need to pay attention to when choosing - is displacement, unit performance and its components. Try to buy moonshine on these characteristics. Choose the best option for themselves. If you wish to deploy a small home distiller production you need a roomy tank and high performance. Accordingly, measures will also be considerable.

Presented units can be divided into 3 main types: distillers, ie moonshine, mash column and distillation columns. If the distillation is required to transmit the nuances of flavor and aroma (wheat, grapes, fruits, berries, etc.), It is advisable to buy a distiller, which more and more productive than the distillation column. Its not buy when you need increased cleaning and strength product, but in moderation. Mash column occupy an intermediate position and allow to obtain a distillate high strength with very little presence of feedstock.

What to cook moonshine "Gorilych"
Our moonshine, you can cook in a residential area almost all popular alcoholic drinks. Distillers are ideal for vodka, whiskey, brandy, Polugar, Calvados, schnapps, and others. Rectified will fill the home bar with pure alcohol, vodka, gin, rum and liqueurs.

Store Website moonshine "Gorilych" gives the opportunity to buy the device for the production of various alcoholic products at affordable cost. Here you can buy malt, hops, spices and various ingredients. You can experiment and create your own recipe or use a time-tested recipes. In any case, your desk will always be high-quality, natural, environmentally friendly products.