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Welcome to Магазин ЧЗДА
In the shop CHZDA (Chelyabinsk distillation plant), you can buy moonshine "Gorilych", beer columns, distillation columns, as well as components for them. Products of CHZDA will help to forget about the problems associated with low-quality alcohol-containing products. Also, the store has a wide range of goods for picnics, trips and households: smokehouses, barbecues, kettles, cans, barrels and various containers.

Мы очень любим посетителей нашего магазина и счастливых обладателей нашей продукции марки "Горилыч". Вы воодушевляете нас работать над качеством и ассортиментом нашей продукции. Эти регулярно пополняемые скидки и акции на ассортимент магазина ЧЗДА специально для вас!
Если вы ценитель собственных качественных напитков и ответственны к расходованию средств — представляем на ваш выбор продукцию магазина ЧЗДА наилучшим образом соответствующую критериям: наилучшее качество — наименьшая цена.
В нашем каталоге вы непременно найдете наиболее подходящий для вас самогонный аппарат, бражную или ректификационную колонны, которые будет полностью соответствовать вашим требованиям, предъявляемым к производительности, объему и качеству конечного продукта. Продукция Челябинского завода дистилляционных аппаратов гарантированно обеспечит перегон сырья для крепких напитков, максимальную очистку и получение только качественного продукта!


All models are made of strong food grade stainless steel. Parameters, which you need to pay attention to when choosing - this is a liter, the performance of the unit and its components. Try to buy a moonshine device according to these characteristics. Choose the best option for yourself. If you want to deploy a small home production you will need a distiller with a capacious tank (a distillation cube) and high capacity. Accordingly, the dimensions will also be considerable.

The presented models can be divided into 3 main groups: distillers (moonshine devices), brazier columns and rectification columns. If distillation requires preserving and conveying flavor and aroma nuances (wheat, grapes, fruits, berries, etc.), then it is more expedient to buy a distiller, which is also more productive than a distillation column. And it should be purchased when a final product of increased purification and strength is required, but in moderate quantities. Brazhnye columns occupy an intermediate place and allow you to get a distillate of high strength with a very small presence of raw materials.

    Becherovka - Czech herbal liqueur, which was established as a cure for stomach diseases Carlsbad pharmacist Josef Becher in 1807. Forty years later, in 1841, his son Johann began industrial production of the drink, which is subsequently called "Becherovka".  
    Today moonshine was an interesting hobby for many, the opportunity to be creative, as they say, "is not pleased accursed drunkenness." Vinokur really enough to buy moonshine, still need to develop your own drink recipe that was clean as  
          This French cognac - it's a great drink, perfectly complementing any event, an informal meeting or a soulful evening with friends. Create a drink at home is almost impossible, but as close as possible to prepare an