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Tips for distillation at moonshine "Gorilych"

Here we have prepared and have compiled interesting articles and reviews that will be interesting and useful - the description and methods of moonshine cleaning, double distillation, determining the readiness of Braga, the right temperature conditions, the choice of yeast and their influence film winemaking secrets and methods of preparation and soaking oak barrels and much more. This section is constantly updated and refreshed, including, thanks to your feedback and comments.


    Today moonshine was an interesting hobby for many, the opportunity to be creative, as they say, "is not pleased accursed drunkenness." Vinokur really enough to buy moonshine, still need to develop your own drink recipe that was clean as a tear, did not have the unpleasant taste and odor. Sugar history      To get a good dr  More→
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    Moonshine in Russia has been known since the fifteenth century. It was then widespread practice of distilling mash in strong drink. Since then distilling in Russia, authorities are struggling with mixed success. Today, fortunately, home brew is not punishable by law, but only if the person preparing it for himself and does not try to m  More→
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    Moonshine - part of the cultural and food traditions of our people. This strong drink is widespread in Russia as early as the fifteenth century. Today brew home-made by people from all walks of life, some moonshine became a serious hobby. Home brew made of very different products, there are dozens of recipes and methods of treatment. It i  More→
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    In recent years, home brew became very popular. And this is understandable, because the quality of store alcoholic beverages every year is getting lower, as evidenced by the frequent cases of poisoning. Therefore, it is natural to desire reasonable people to protect themselves against accidents, but to continue to enjoy the incompa  More→
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     Variety of spices and herbs opens the home brew enthusiasts opportunities to change the appearance, smell and taste of the drink. In dry or fresh, ingredients such as saffron, vanilla, rosemary, pepper, cloves, are not of much use to the body. But when added to the brew, they reveal a lot of useful properties, contribute to a better absor  More→
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     When we order drinks at the restaurant, an experienced bartender knows not only how to properly mix the ingredients and pour into a glass of wine or a cocktail. And if you decide to equip a home bar quality alcohol is a matter of choice of glasses will rise already in front of you.       Professionals say that almost any alcoho  More→
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Any holiday, party, meeting with friends, classmates, colleagues, most people can not do without the use of alcoholic beverages.      The same dose of alcohol can act on two or three people are absolutely unlike, and guilty that is genetics. All comes from the fact that the alcohol in the liver is converted into two sets. Under the influence o  More→
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    Some people collect stamps, others - like messing with his car, and the third - to prepare the wine of their own production. For a man - this is quite a decent hobby. Especially because of space, where you can turn imagination and consolidate their skills - abound. Infusions or homemade brandy - what to choose?      What dri  More→
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 Oak barrels in the Russian market - the goods claimed. Home distillation - quite a common activity in our country. Many Russians like the fascinating and interesting process. Their drinks and eye pleasing, and the body good. Not that substitutes that overwhelmed all the counters. Where to buy the right oak barrels      Queries peopl  More→
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    Oak barrel - is a classic capacity, proven over centuries, perfectly suitable for storage of wine, brandy and other alcoholic beverages. Quality construction and soaked all the rules of oak barrel will fill the drink subtle flavor and unique taste. However, to your drink has turned out exactly as you expect, you need to pay special atte  More→
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     If you are a home brewing and using moonshine, get a drink, then in order to get rid of harmful impurities should clean it. Let's talk about it in detail. One of the most well-known and proven technologies such treatment - it clean with activated charcoal. It perfectly absorbs fusel oils, odors and other harmful substances that fall into t  More→
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