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Alcohol without consequences - Myths and Reality

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Any holiday, party, meeting with friends, classmates, colleagues, most people can not do without the use of alcoholic beverages.

     The same dose of alcohol can act on two or three people are absolutely unlike, and guilty that is genetics. All comes from the fact that the alcohol in the liver is converted into two sets. Under the influence of the first enzyme is transformed into a toxic substance acetaldehyde, and then a second enzyme can easily turn it into vinegar. Quality of work of these enzymes may be determined by two genes.
Asians have a gene that is responsible for the first enzyme, quite cheerful, the toxic substance can be formed quickly and in large numbers. The second gene Asians slightly slows down, that's the toxin will break down very slowly and really not very good quality, and the person will suffer from a hangover. The Europeans all happens differently: the toxin turns not quick enough, but then appears almost instantly.

     If after the festival each milliliter of drinking alcohol is not fun, you need to deal with the norm. But in the end, to find out the allowed dose of drinking alcohol, make it necessary to "round off" at 100% with a drink, in general, is impossible, because everything is strictly individual for each person. Someone gets drunk just a little sip of champagne for another half a liter of vodka just warming up for exploits on a drunken head.

     It should be determined by the average index: the largest amount of ethanol that can process the human body is not greater than 170 grams per 24 hours, if the weight is about 70 kg. As for the speed of intoxication usually they think that most other beverages can intoxicate brandy and cognac, but beer and wine will run much quieter.

      If a lover of drink is going on holiday, he must learn certain rules for a few hours before the start of the holiday. You can not sit at the table on an empty stomach. It is best to eat at least a little fatty foods, such as ordinary sandwiches with creamy butter. Rather, the processing of alcohol and promotes the adoption of activated charcoal tablets. The same effect will be a cup of strong coffee or tea - black or green with lemon.

     There is a very strange but very good way to avoid excessive intoxication, which is called "grafting". Its essence is as follows: about 5 to celebration of hours consumed 100 ml of alcohol, which are tight enough to have a snack. This option will contribute to restrain yourself in shape with a large amount of alcohol consumed.

     But all this will only slow down the onset of serious intoxication.

     Alcohol dehydrates the body, so the festival is necessary to use more non-alcoholic non-carbonated liquid. It would help if the alcohol is rather weak. In the case of the use of sufficiently strong drinks from this hmeleyut even sooner. Correct their eating jam fatter or salted.

     If a person can not control myself and not feel that he had enough, do not interfere with alcoholic drinks varying degrees of strength and excessively admire cocktails.
Another important point: alcohol can not be combined with drugs.

     But when the holiday was a success, and the next morning feeling quite nevazhnetskie should consume the right food. Egg - the amino acid cysteine, which it is, accelerates the process of detoxification. Crunchy toast can make up the body's need for vitamin C. After the holiday, the body will lack of vitamin C and potassium. With that can handle berry-banana shake.

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