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Coopers and mediocrity, or how not to fall for fake

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 Oak barrels in the Russian market - the goods claimed. Home distillation - quite a common activity in our country. Many Russians like the fascinating and interesting process. Their drinks and eye pleasing, and the body good. Not that substitutes that overwhelmed all the counters.

Where to buy the right oak barrels

     Queries people have different: one needs a jug of oak, others require an oak tub, a third barrel for salting needed. For the bath, so the vegetable will fit almost any product made of oak. Just not flowed.
But not all winemakers will approach. Oak barrels for this purpose must meet certain requirements. Only selected oak should be used for their manufacture. Staves are made from crushed oak and dried in natural conditions. Since the microflora in the tree is preserved, and thereafter by which the desired beverage flavor is achieved. Krasnodar oak fully complies with these criteria.

     It is these high quality cask you are always offered at the Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus (CHZDA). Thank God, the master-coopers wonder eat their own bread -. For decades working cooperage production has kept all the old traditions and the technology of manufacturing wine barrels.

Do not fall for fake!

     Now you can buy barrels of oak in many places. The question is, how well will they be? And how to distinguish the real from the barrel of the cheap? There are several characteristics:
  • low price;
  • visibility and attractiveness of convenience for the buyer: stand, tap, which quickly rassohnetsya;
  • material for staves - not chipped oak and oak boards;
  • riveting inside straight, made with violation of the technology (not bent, as it should be, but simply milled).

     Sell ​​a "commodity" dry. Well even if mount barrel-not will flow, and it can be used for other purposes, but for wine - in any case! Soaking in a questionable drink containers - only to lose time.

     So, be on the lookout for buying barrels, see that you are not cheated on manufacturers unclean hands. All their trash pursues one single goal: to reduce the cost of the product.
Recall that says about our ancestors: "Expensive, but nice, cheap, and nasty!" There is another saying: "Do not be chasing, you, pop, for cheapness" ancient wisdom from the accounts are not reset: miser pays twice .

     But the barrels, which are offered by our store, do not cause any concern, because they are made by real professionals who have behind him a rich experience and extensive knowledge. If you buy a high-quality oak barrel - in the future not once say "thank you" to the masters for their excellent work!

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