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How to properly clean coal moonshine.

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     If you are a home brewing and using moonshine, get a drink, then in order to get rid of harmful impurities should clean it. Let's talk about it in detail.
One of the most well-known and proven technologies such treatment - it clean with activated charcoal. It perfectly absorbs fusel oils, odors and other harmful substances that fall into the brew produced at home using purchased moonshine.

     The activated carbon acts as a filter. It is capable of absorbing only such substances are comparable molecular compound with its internal pores. Therefore, to coal served its purpose and efficiently cleaned moonshine, it is necessary to choose the coal, which can be used for these purposes.

     Coal, which is obtained from animal bone, has small pore sizes and therefore can not absorb the harmful substances is greater than the dimensions of the compounds of the pore sizes of coal. Therefore, this type of coal used for cleaning purposes moonshine extremely effective.

     Activated charcoal, which is sold in pharmacies, often made of animal bones with the addition of starch. He is a very bad absorbs fusel oils and can leave a bitter taste in the finished beverage.
It is best to use coal, which is produced by pyrolysis, ie, without oxygen at a high temperature. Its characteristics are best suited for purification of alcohol obtained by moonshine.
It is best to clean the brew of contaminants suitable birch charcoal, which sell for barbecues in most supermarkets. Also, it is possible to take in water purification filters, masks, filters for the aquarium. The main thing that it did not contain any additional substances that can dissolve in the moonshine and get into the human body.

How to clean the brew activated carbon.

• Take the pan, which is poured pre-ground coal.
• brew poured at the rate of 1 liter per 50 grams of coal.
• Pan sealed and left for a week, occasionally, once a day or two, shaking her.
• A week brew is poured and filtered through a cotton-gauze filter.

     Brew decanted from the precipitate, so that the finished product does not put harmful substances which are concentrated in the lower layer together with charcoal.

      After cleaning, moonshine can be present in very fine coal slurry. The product can be filtered again, although the quality of this slurry alcohol has no influence.

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