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Impact on Alcoholic Beverages fusels

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     What is the impact on moonshine and other alcohol-containing beverages have fusel oil?

    The presence of fusel oils in alcoholic beverages determines its taste, odor, color. It is generally believed that their presence is undesirable, because they adversely affect the well-being of the drinker and also spoil the taste characteristics of the moonshine. Things are not so simple. Availability for alcohol obtained by the moonshine, fusel oil, is very important, without them you would not be able to enjoy the unique taste of cognac, whiskey, calvados and other "noble" drinks. The main thing to conduct proper cleaning of moonshine, which eliminates all the problems.
    What fusel oil?

     It - toxic substances that have an oily texture of light yellow or reddish-brown color. They have an unpleasant odor and appear in the occurrence of alcohol mash obtained based on sugar, fruit or starch. The fusel oils in different concentrations are contained in any alcohol.
To highlight the fusel oil should be poured in a spoon brown brew produced by moonshine, and set fire to it. After the alcohol burn the residue left in the spoon, which is popularly referred to as "booze".

     In industrial alcohol producing conditions otdelyayuts fusel oils, and from amyl alcohol is prepared, which is used in confectionery and dairy industry as a solvent.

 Fusel oils-set is of the order of 40 different substances which can be divided into two main groups.
· Substances which boil at temperatures below the boiling point of ethyl alcohol - 78.4 degrees. This group includes: acetic ester oil, acetone and acetaldehyde.
· Materials that are beginning to boil at a temperature higher than 78.4 degrees. This group includes: a large group of alcohols - propyl, amyl, isoamyl, isopropyl, isobutyl. With temperatures of 78.4 and above are beginning to boil furfural, acetyl and other highly dangerous compounds.
Of all the substances contained in the "booze" the most dangerous is the isoamyl alcohol (C5H4OH). It covers 60 per cent of all the fusel oils. If it gets on your skin, it becomes red, itchy, then there blisters filled with fluid.
    Benefit or harm from the fusel oils?

 Depending on the raw material from which cooked Braga, on the type of yeast used, the temperature at which the fermentation process takes place, and getting the technology brew, composition and concentration of fusel oils in the finished beverage will vary.
 Of all beverages least fusel oils in vodka - 5-15 mg per liter. Next comes the beer -25-100 behind them - wine -100-630, and short list of cognac - until 2000, and whiskey to 4000 mg per liter.
 Because of fusel oil, alcoholic beverages have their own characteristic tastes. Without them, it is simple solutions with different concentrations of alcohol. But a large number of fusel oils, leading to intoxication can cause poisoning and severe hangover.
 You can not talk about the absolute benefit or harm, fusel oils. The main thing is what the number in the moonshine. The main thing - to remove from the harmful sostvlyayuschie drink, and leave harmless, giving habits recognizable notes.
 For this reason, the production process of all spirits, including moonshine - is unique. Their quality is, to a large extent depends on the methods that are used for cleaning.
 Therefore it is impossible to compare different drinks, such as vodka and whiskey, they harm the body. Although everything seems clear, because of fusel oils in the temple on the order of magnitude greater than in the vodka. But if a qualitative clean, the whiskey becomes safer vodka.
 Not so long ago, vodka is considered the most secure strong drink. But Professor Addiction Research Institute of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Vladimir Petrovich desired dispelled this misconception. He proved that some fusel oils work as a protective agent for the liver by alcohol. Therefore, if the drink (in essence poison) very well cleaned of impurities, it is well absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, it is not very advertised, as the state is interested in selling easily produced vodka.
   How to clean the brew from the fusel oils.

     In any self-made alcoholic beverage obtained by fermentation as a simple, and with the help of moonshine, fusel oils present.
But to remove them from the wine and beer, without losing their flavor, it is impossible. There is only one way to reduce the amount of harmful substances - use high quality raw materials and strictly follow the technological process of preparing a beverage. For example, in the wine obtained from grapes of Isabella, a lot of hydrocyanic acid, which is released during fermentation. Therefore, this wine is to limit consumption or blended with other grape material.
There are several ways to clean distillate obtained based on sugar, fruits and malt. They can be used both individually and collectively to obtain the maximum result.

     But the most effective way of cleaning is double-distilled vodka produced beverage division into factions. The main "body" of moonshine, thus purified of contaminants, can be used for preparation of various beverages, imitating whiskey, cognac, calvados.

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