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Determining readiness mash

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Methods for determining readiness to mash distilled in the moonshine.

If you want to receive high-quality alcohol with the help of moonshine, you have to learn to identify the readiness for further processing mash (the stretch). If you put mash in the moonshine before the period of its availability, the part of the sugar will just disappear, and the total number of moonshine decrease. If you overdo mash, it will turn sour, and the quality of the beverage deteriorates markedly.
Let's look at the methods that allow us to determine readiness for the brewing mash. To be completely sure of the findings, these methods must be used in a complex, except for the last item.

· At the time of fermentation.

In determining readiness for moonshine mash, you can focus on the fermentation. mash comes to sugar of from 5 to 14 days. You can rely on the average time of 7-10 days. mash starch "ripen" for 3 to 5 days. A home-brewed beer, based on grapes, without yeast, should be in the fermentation tank for 3 to 4 weeks. This method is not very accurate and it is not worth very rely.

· In taste characteristics.

When the home-brewed beer is ready for pouring in moonshine, it has a bitter taste. If there is a sweetness, so the sugar is completely fermented into alcohol and the product is not fully ready. This method is quite effective. It allows you to control the quality and taste home-made beer, and its readiness.
If the optimum thermal regime was not sustained in the preparation of home-made beer, the yeast cultures can be killed, and the fermentation process - interrupted. In this case, you must make additional yeast and put the container into the room where the desired mode is set - 18 - 24 degrees.

· In appearance.
 When brewed beer "went", then it stops foaming process, do not form bubbles of carbon dioxide and does not hear the hiss that accompanies the process of fermentation. mash brightens, yeast residues fall to the bottom.
· With the help of a burning match.
It is known that carbon dioxide does not support combustion, but is released during the synthesis of alcohol mash. Therefore, when checking the readiness of home brew can bring a lighted match to the surface of the drink, and if it will continue to burn, then the fermentation process is finished and can be poured in mash moonshine for alcohol. If the flame will gradually die away, it means that the fermentation process is still going.
· Using a hydrometer.

This method is the most accurate, but it is used by people who are professionally fit to the process of producing moonshine.
 To understand the amount of residual sugar (nedobroda), are cast with 200 ml of wash, filter it, poured in a glass cup and placed there a hydrometer. If it shows a value below 1.002, which corresponds to 1 percent of the sugar in mash, the raw materials and can be prepared from it by moonshine, to get a quality brew.

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