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How to properly prepare the oak casks: useful tips

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    Oak barrel - is a classic capacity, proven over centuries, perfectly suitable for storage of wine, brandy and other alcoholic beverages. Quality construction and soaked all the rules of oak barrel will fill the drink subtle flavor and unique taste. However, to your drink has turned out exactly as you expect, you need to pay special attention to the preparation of the oak barrels. We'll show you how to soak oak barrels and organize its correct storage and maintenance of barrels for wine, vodka, bourbon and other spirits. By the way, in the "Recipes" on our website you will find an abyss of useful advice on home overseas manufacturing noble beverage, use our moonshine Gorilych.

Preparation of barrels of oak for use

     The first step in the preparation of Cooperage - barrels - is steaming. The preferred process the product inside the ferry. If this is not possible, use hot water. It is necessary to pour hot water into the drum (10 ml per 500 liters of volume) and the container in a circular motion to distribute the hot water over the entire inner surface. The procedure should be carried out every 10 minutes, 6-7 times, without letting cool down boiling water.
For steaming should soak. At this stage, the content is minimized in the wood tannins, adversely affecting the taste of the drink.

How to soak oak barrels right?

     It is a simple process. Enough to fill in oak barrels with water at room temperature for up to two weeks. The water should be changed daily or every other day, and the use of warm water (not boiling!) Will speed up the process.
After soaking cooperage be processed soda - 20 grams of baking soda / 1 liter of water. Alkalization "expel" from the barrel rough tannins and contribute to a better allocation of aromatics. Next barrel for wine should be allowed to dry thoroughly.

Fumigation oak barrels.

     The final step will be the preparation of sulfur fumigation. For this purpose, a burnt sulfur, plunging it into a tin plate inside the tank and clog the hole. After that the barrel is ventilated.

Upon completion of the above steps you will have the wonderful barrel for moonshine. Since the "young" barrel gives maximum wood components - light bitterness and aroma of the "green oak" - the drink, bathed in the first, it is necessary to fill cooperage strong distillate. The further operation of your capacity is excellent for a barrel of wine or pickles.

How to store Cooperage?

     Storage oak barrels and will not cause difficulties. It needs to be washed clean from the remnants of wine or other beverage, once again handle the soda and dry. Turning the barrel in a thick cloth, leave it in the dark and cool. If the product is not used for a long time, and should be repeated fumigation with sulfur.

      By organizing the proper preparation and storage of oak container, you can enjoy the fragrant drink and surprise the most demanding connoisseurs!

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