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Thermal distillation mode.

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The correct temperature regime in the preparation of moonshine.

  To use the device to get a well-brewed purified without fusel oils and extraneous smells alcohol, must be strictly withstand temperature conditions during the distillation of wash. If you do give the brew, you should know the basic things otherwise impossible to achieve a good result. If distillation is done properly, even with a good quality home-made beer, the output is a bad product.

  Theoretical basis.

  The possibility of a brewing process, is determined by the fact that water, alcohol and fusel oils, have different boiling points. Water boils at 100 degrees at 78.3 degrees alcohol, fusel oils and evaporation begins at 85 degrees. Since the starting material, these three components are present, then boiling it in brewed apparatus is in the range from 78 to 95 degrees. The more alcohol in the initial product, the initial boiling point is close to 78 degrees.
 To get a quality brew, brewed using the device, when the process of distillation, is necessary to maintain the temperature between 78 and 93 degrees. It is in this range, it should be distilled Braga.

   Thermal distillation regimes in mash moonshine.

First stage
Put Braga in moonshine and start heating. After Braga warmed to 68-70 degrees, from its start to evaporate harmful light fractions. Methanol, acetaldehyde, etc. The beginning of the process, the alcohol odor and signals occurrence of the first brew drops.
 It begins to stand out "pervach", which is popularly considered to be the best. But this is not the case, it is the most harmful part of the resulting brew - "head". It is not necessary to drink, and to be separated from the main part of the resulting alcohol, and used only for technical purposes.
  Up to 70 degrees, Braga warmed up at maximum heat. However, at the approach to a temperature of 80 degrees, the heating rate is reduced to prevent the ingress of wash in the refrigerator. This can significantly degrade the quality of the taste of moonshine.

Getting the "body" of moonshine.
After the "head" is cut off, it is necessary to install containers for the collection of alcohol and raise the temperature in the moonshine to 85 - 90 degrees.

 If alembic not equipped with a thermometer, a distillation process is then terminated when:
Paper impregnated with moonshine, burns with a characteristic blue color.
Brag has a temperature of 83 degrees and the number of produced alcohol is reduced to zero.
Fortress resulting beverage decreases below 30 degrees.
The end of the process.

Upon receipt of the main "body", in Braga it is still a small amount of alcohol, but in a place with him to get the product and noxious substances. Alcohol prepared at temperatures above 95 degrees, referred to as "tails." His collected separately and used to increase the fortress of the new party mash.

  There is another way to mash separation into fractions. It is based on the fact that water freezes at a higher temperature than the alcohol. This is a very long method, which does not provide a clean and free from harmful substances brew.

So if you love high quality spirits made with his own hands, should use well-made moonshine.

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