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Sacrament glasses - their types and purpose

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     When we order drinks at the restaurant, an experienced bartender knows not only how to properly mix the ingredients and pour into a glass of wine or a cocktail. And if you decide to equip a home bar quality alcohol is a matter of choice of glasses will rise already in front of you.

      Professionals say that almost any alcoholic drink must be poured only in a specialized container. It turns out that even the most high-quality and expensive wine, poured into the wrong glass, may lose its bouquet and harmony. If you selected the appropriate glass, the wine opens up and is able to demonstrate the harmony of taste and aroma.

      Let's understand what types of glasses and glasses ispolzute feeding of certain alcoholic beverages and use this knowledge to shine them when convenient, or in order to properly and tastefully arrange serving your holiday table (all images are clickable and contain detailed description).
Reference: the word "glass" in French means "bank". This dishes appeared in France in the 18th century. The glasses used for a variety of wines. Now called the glass vessel with a capacity of 125 - 250 ml of an elongated cylindrical, pear-shaped, or in the form of bowls for sparkling wines.


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