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Selection of yeast to produce high quality vodka.

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How to choose the right yeast to produce high quality vodka.

In order to get a quality brew, you must choose the right yeast for making home-made beer. Not long ago, the choice of the people who received the liquor using moonshine, was very small. On sale there were only ordinary baker's yeast. Now the situation is different. You can find a variety of yeast species. Different yeast has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Types of yeast:

• Baking. They are used in the food industry for the production of bakery products. For the production of moonshine, these yeasts are not the best choice, which requires special skills and knowledge in the production of alcoholic beverages and can give quite good results in additional purification of moonshine.

• Wine. This type of yeast produced for winemakers. It is very expensive and have a special chemical composition, so almost do not apply to moonshining.

• Beer. Get professional brewer Carlsberg, as the replacement of wild yeast, which fall into the wort. For the production of moonshine are not suitable.

• Alcohol or universal. It details the yeast is best suited for high-quality home-made beer on the basis of sugar and grain.

What advantages do the yeast alcohol compared to other species?

• The most minimum period of fermentation. Within 5-6 days, you can pour the cooked brew in the moonshine.
• High "survival" of this type of bacteria. The alcohol can live yeast solution as long as the percentage of alcohol content does not exceed 18 percent. This parameter is much higher than in other species of yeast. Therefore the amount of brew, which can be obtained using this type of yeast cultures, higher than the others.
• Low content of harmful impurities. If used baker's yeast to produce home-made beer, the fermentation process takes quite a long time. During this period the product accumulates in fusel oil, acetone, aldehydes. Therefore, after using the apparatus will be obtained brewed alcohol requires additional cleaning of contaminants. This can be done with potassium permanganate, charcoal and other methods. If you use alcohol yeast, the problem of accumulation of harmful substances not is acute.
• The absence of foam. Due to the fact that this kind of yeast does not produce large amounts of foam, do not need anti-foaming agent, or other methods of extinguishing foam.

A few tips when using alcohol yeast for the production of home brew moonshine.

• To obtain qualitative alcohol via brewed apparatus, home-brewed beer to be prepared in a dark room, in the temperature range of 22 to 28 degrees.
• Be sure to put a water seal or wear a rubber glove with a hole on one finger. This enables the carbon dioxide out of the mash is prepared.
• Use only water from wells or spring. Water from the tap in a city apartment is not suitable for the production of moonshine.
• Brew in the process of preparation is necessary to mix every day.
• Main mash is poured into a container for fermentation only after it has been filled diluted yeast.

In order to get a good brew need all quality components: the yeast, water, sugar, moonshine.

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