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As a snack than moonshine, why it is important to use high-quality beverages

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    Moonshine in Russia has been known since the fifteenth century. It was then widespread practice of distilling mash in strong drink. Since then distilling in Russia, authorities are struggling with mixed success. Today, fortunately, home brew is not punishable by law, but only if the person preparing it for himself and does not try to make a homemade alcohol.

     Modern bootlegger called beautiful word distiller produces and brew at home for the soul, trying to achieve a high quality beverage. He consumes the drink with pleasure and a good snack.

     In order to delight friends and family, not enough to buy moonshine, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of the process to acquire new knowledge to carry out a series of experiments. Perhaps you have in the village of my grandfather, who himself made the moonshine and is able to drive any unusual kind of moonshine. He will share with you the secrets of skill and taught not only drive, but also eat correctly. Most distillers have to learn everything from scratch, but in the future they will be able to share experiences with their grandchildren.

     Moonshine home production may be a very high-quality and transparent and opaque with a pungent odor and a peculiar taste. Poor quality beverage is obtained if the have not been performed due Cleaning moonshine from impurities.

How to use moonshine

     The process of consumption of strong drink depends on its quality. There is a pattern: worse than moonshine, the more abundant it is necessary to have a snack, and the less time passes between a breath and jam. However, the drink can be consumed in various stages of ripening, and it is necessary to have a snack, respectively.

Try "pervach"

     How to cook the soup tastes in the cooking process, and distiller tasting just received moonshine, it is called "pervach" - this is the essence of Braga in the first distillation. If you are invited "Pervatsch" that it even served hot and quite a bit. It is recommended to have a snack product, which they Braga. For the bread "Pervatsch" ideal snack will be bread for sugar - refined piece. Note that such a drink do not drink, and just try not carried away.

About traditional snack

     Good brew has a sharp taste and peculiar smell, and therefore easy to drink, it does not cause desire to immediately seize an unpleasant aftertaste. Serve chilled brew.

Snack for vodka is usually a simple meal, suitable dishes, which have a snack vodka. However, in our heads brew is clearly associated with the countryside, and even if you - a resident of the city, there is a desire for moonshine Boil potatoes, finely cut lard and cucumbers open.

     Suitable for such home-made table: sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes and other gifts subsistence farming. And, of course, on the table must be black bread, and even better, "Borodino".

     Good brew drunk easily cleaned, it can not even have a snack, and zanyuhivat. The sharper and unpleasant taste and odor of the beverage, the more sharp taste snack should have. Some samples may have a snack only raw onions and garlic.

We care about health

     High-quality moonshine is not only easy to drink, but also easy to have a snack, it is possible not to overload the body. Doctors, unfortunately, rejected most forms of folk snacks. They double burden on the liver and lead to a hangover.
Small sandwich with bacon under the first glass will not bring much harm, but a large amount of fatty foods under strong alcohol will only worsen the hangover.
Some types of canned mushrooms in combination with alcohol can be toxic at all, and the onions and garlic in large quantities of alcohol slows the body processing.

     Heavy snack, does not reduce the effects of alcohol on the body, but simply puts it, as a result of alcohol accumulates in the stomach to digest unexpected feast in this case, can be fraught with unpleasant surprises. Moderate food allows a person to adequately assess their condition.

     Oily, abundant food requires a lot of energy to digest, it strengthens the intoxication of the organism, preventing the natural process of removing toxins. According to statistics, the majority of deaths in the use of high-quality alcohol (about surrogates speech not) occur when abundant snack.

Choosing the right snack

     The first rule: food should be fat and in moderation. Food should speed up the metabolism, helping the body process is not useful products of alcohol breakdown.

     With this task cope juicy fruits such as lemons, grapes, apples. Good sauerkraut. liver function can be supported with the help of caffeine and quinine. Schweppes bottle on a table with a brew can and will look strange, but it will benefit.

     Eating a well-refined and high-quality moonshine, you help yourself twice. The drink itself is not harmful to the body and does not cause a snack abundantly, so that in the morning light head man to drink in good company in the evening, is provided.


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