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Home Winemaking now male hobbies in Russia!

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    Some people collect stamps, others - like messing with his car, and the third - to prepare the wine of their own production. For a man - this is quite a decent hobby. Especially because of space, where you can turn imagination and consolidate their skills - abound.

Infusions or homemade brandy - what to choose?

     What drink is preferred, everyone decides for himself, preferences are different. On it, and wine to gladden the variety. Of course, by region of residence, much depends. If apples every day on his head fall, inevitably you will start to make cider. Zavedёsh apiary - become indulge in mead.

     Well, even women do not give up, or plum brandy called Slivovica vishnёvki - before tasty. It would be the desire and time, and of what to do - there will always be. Recipes - each has its own. Wow what a surprise guest.

     We also have fans make the brandy at home. Here, of course, we need a real oak barrels made by the right technology. Find a container is not so easy, a lot of fakes and deshёvok. But there is one company in Chelyabinsk, where the coopers from God work. On the plant will be discussed below.

     Here in this barrel will present cognac. There will be rare in Russia and beverage lovers, prepared in the "home laboratory". These craftsmen will offer you a whiskey or a strong spirit flavored rum.

An unusual gift to man.

     Those who live to the north, the possibility of more modest. But moonshine can drive even in the Arctic, if the ingredients with them to bring. By the way, modern moonshine very good looks at the man as a present for his birthday or on 23 February.
These cute and productive units Chelyabinsk plant produces distillation apparatus (CHZDA). A modern, compact, economical unit has an attractive price and enviable performance. Buy moonshine possible and on the Internet, delivered in the best possible way. Birthdays will be pleased. A is a unit ironic wit - "Gorilych".

The advantage of moonshine before the industrial vodka.

     Having bought the store a bottle sorokagradusnuyu, no one answer the question: what is it, in fact, made. It turns out that the owners of moonshine have advantages over alcohol products buyers:
minimum of financial outlay makes moonshine vodka is much cheaper;
all the ingredients are known winemaker;
as part of the final product have no chemistry;
the degree of purification of vodka can be improved up to infinity;
quality domestic product leaves no chance of vodka;
the winemaker has the ability to change the taste of moonshine, at its discretion, from citrus to coffee.

      As you can see, home wine making - something exciting and useful. The main thing - all goes to the cause. And stock up on classy oak barrels or moonshine "Gorilych" always help CHZDA - Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus!

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