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Bowler camp stainless steel 8 liters

Bowler camp stainless steel 8 liters
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Anyone who has ever been on the march, understand the value of hot food cooked on the fire. The universal tool, which can be cooked soup and porridge, tea and a pot pilaf. Marching option is needed in cases where there is no possibility to create a full-fledged center and the bowler has to be hung over the fire.
There are many options of materials for this type of dishes, from the coated nonstick pots of carbon steel to aluminum or cast iron. Pot Stainless is best suited to a hard life tourist. All non-stick coating on the fashion models slezut after several dishes laundering procedures in the nearest pond. Cast iron cookware is heavy and when improper care corrode. Aluminum is lightweight, but it is not desirable to store cooked food.
Stainless steel cookware is practically eternal, we can safely scour soot formed during cooking over a campfire - metal from it will be nothing. Due to chemical inertness of steel, you can be sure that in the prepared food will not get the extra chemicals.
Benefits of Continuous Tourist ware
Specialty Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus - is made of stainless steel products. The most important - in the production uses only stainless steel that guarantees the safety of products for cooking.
Bowler has a stainless steel 1 mm in thickness, it will go up to 8 liters of fluid, respectively, the same pot will last for quite a large group of tourists. Handle in removable pot, this solution ensures that the contents of the pot unsuccessful manipulation does not result in a fire, leaving a group of tourists hungry. The cover is also made of stainless steel, comfortable handle allows you to easily and quickly remove the cover for the control of food readily.
Pots tourist stainless steel have long been a popular inventory of experienced travelers, thanks to its low weight, excellent consumer qualities and reliability. Order a pot can be directly on the site of our online store.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 1.70кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 34.00см x 22.00см x 15.00см
Cover there is
Material Stainless steel
Volume 8 liters


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