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Stainless steel canister 15 liters

Stainless steel canister 15 liters
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One of the best options for the storage and transportation of drinking water will be a steel canister. Buy this capacity is best in the company with a positive reputation. It is important that all elements of the cans were made not only of stainless steel, and of food grade stainless steel. Only in this case we can be sure that the body will not get unnecessary human chemicals into the water.
Canister-stainless steel 15 liters weighs less than 3 kg, so it can pick up and carry any adult male. This model can be used as stationary sources of water that will be supplied under the action of gravity. Because every time to lift 15-18 kg to pour a glass of water is enough tedious canister equipped with a ball shut-off valve and an adapter for ½ inch. In any country house, you can mount a simple wiring, hang the canister on the wall and when you open the tap of the pipe will clean drinking water.
Advantages over glass and plastic
Stainless steel cans have an unlimited service life. Through the walls, 1 mm thick, damaging the canister without special tools and a desperate desire to quite difficult. The maximum that threatens it - worn at the edges, which does not affect its performance. Glass containers retain excellent taste and quality of water, as opposed to plastic, but very impractical - to break the glass jar can be a careless movement.
Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus ensures consistently high quality stainless steel products. All cans are subject to strict quality control, we can be sure that over time, the welds will not begin to flow. stainless steel canisters will serve for decades, providing a delicious and clean water in conditions close to the march.
How to order
Buy stainless canister can be a few minutes directly to the website online store. Delivery in other regions with the help of transport companies. All products are warranted by CHZDA.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 2.90кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.00см x 37.00см x 14.00см
Cover there is
Crane there is
Material Stainless steel
Volume 15 liters
The diameter of the throat 35 mm


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