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Addresses issuing centers CHZDA goods in Moscow

 Uniform direct inquiry services in Moscow  +7 (495) 778-65-71
Household moonshine "Gorilych" CHZDA production and components, steam drum, coolers, stills and more can be purchased in Moscow - please visit our online store, make your choice and order, our consultants will contact you, all details your order and answer all questions.
You can get a comfortable order and pay for goods on delivery in our centers of the award, located in Moscow at the following addresses*:


The store offers a wide range of models - you can buy a practical and inexpensive moonshine, or choose a technologically perfect version of a series of double distillation units - choose study. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you and help you place your order.
*When ordering in the amount of up to 3 000 ex cost is 300 rubles.​