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Oak barrel wall, burned a volume of 5 liters

Oak barrel wall, burned a volume of 5 liters
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Oak barrel wall of 5 liters, with firing

Cooperage production is an amazing process of creating the barrels of precious wood - for wine and other distillates. Barrel Oak nastennaya- this convenience and compactness!
For true connoisseurs and those who are only going to get acquainted with a capacity of oak, has a great offer - you can buy the Wall oak barrels with us! It cooperage, decorated antique, made of oak Krasnodar choice. Barrel volume - 5 liters.
The average degree of roasting adds appearance keg even more attractive, good quality and charm - Aged surface "offers" to believe that you have moved to a decade ago!
Wall oak barrel - a high quality embodied by talented craftsmen cooperage business in a unique product. You have the option to buy it at a low price!
Prior to the operation of the barrel recommend that you read about how soaked oak casks properly!


Brand: Россия
Weight 6.00кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.00см x 39.00см x 39.00см
Braid Hemp
Bung Oak
Clapboard 27 mm
Crane Oak
Hoops Cink Steel
Material Oak
Stand no
The degree of roasting Medium
The outer cover Beeswax
Volume 5 liters



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