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Tub (tub) oak antique, burnt volume of 15 liters

Tub (tub) oak antique, burnt volume of 15 liters
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Tub (kadushka) oak antique volume of 15 liters.

 Many centuries ago, people first began to use oak vats for the storage of vegetables, berries, fruits and preparations, noting that it is in a container, they retain the freshness longer and become more intense, bright taste. Centuries later appeared on the market numerous products from more modern materials. But none of them in their quality characteristics and performance properties can not be compared with aged vats made of oak caucasian choice.

 Cooperage production - a mandatory compliance with all the old rules, which adhere to the coopers for centuries, passing from generation to generation. In the online store you can buy CHZDA oak a tub to volume, which will meet the standards of modern and traditional quality requirements, to form a long time. Staff are fluent in technology manufacturing cooperage, so they know very well how to soak oak tub, to storage of winter preparations, and other products it was the most durable.

 Tub (kadushka) oak antique volume of 15 liters with the yoke and the cover, made on an old cooperage production has really high quality. And that - despite the fact that it can be purchased at a low price! Unmatched quality characteristics of our products due to the conditions of their production - the average degree of burning oak kadushek provides products is the taste for which they are valued.

 Do not fall for fake - buy oak vats only trusted seller!


Brand: Россия
Weight 10.00кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 35.00см x 30.00см x 32.00см
cargo for oppression Oak
Clapboard 27 mm
Cover Oak
Hoops Cink Steel
Material Oak
The degree of roasting Medium
The outer cover Beeswax
Volume 15 liters


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