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Tub (tub) oak antique, burnt volume of 25 liters

Tub (tub) oak antique, burnt volume of 25 liters
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Tub (kadushka) oak antique volume of 25 liters.

 It has long storage of berries, fruits and vegetables, as well as their preparations for the winter use oak vats or barrels. In a tub of choice Caucasian oak creates optimal conditions for the food - vegetables and fruits in a barrel, the average degree of firing for a long time kept the freshness and preparations for the winter have gained rich, bright taste.

 And despite the large number of their analogs on the market today, the cooperage products are popular in our days, which can be explained not only by their high quality, but also a unique taste, which gives the product a natural oak. Order a tub of oak, you can online store CHZDA.

 We offer only quality products cooperage production that meet the highest quality standards. Manufacturers whose products are represented, we know exactly how a tub to soak oak (tub) to drinks and foods stored in it for a long time and have gained a unique taste. Bathtub oak should be made by special technology, otherwise it would not be enough quality to perform its functions. Do not fall for fake! Buy cooperage in our online shop at a low price.

 We offer not just buy a tub of oak oak antique volume of 25 liters with the yoke and the cover, and to get the best option for the storage of fruits and vegetables, and winter blanks, by which they acquire a truly unforgettable taste.


Brand: Россия
Weight 12.50кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 42.00см x 30.00см x 35.00см
cargo for oppression Oak
Clapboard 27 mm
Cover Oak
Hoops Cink Steel
Material Oak
The degree of roasting Medium
The outer cover Beeswax
Volume 25 liters


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