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10 gallon moonshine still "Gorilych" - Premium 30/110/t

10 gallon moonshine still "Gorilych" - Premium 30/110/t
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Brewing has always been popular in our country. But in recent years this activity has become a real art to create unique recipes for alcoholic beverages, which can grasp each, if he decides to buy a reliable moonshine.

Online Store CHZDA plant offers a perfect solution to all connoisseurs of luxury spirits - moonshine "Gorilych" - Premium 30/110/t from a high-polished steel alloy. Alembic 30 liters, wide throat of 110 mm and a flat bottom - it is a guarantee of fast, comfortable and safe preparation of any alcoholic beverage as any plates.

Moonshine "Gorilych" - Premium 30/110/t is compact and easy to handle. With it you can cook brandy, whiskey, brandy and other types of elite alcohol, having no special skills and experience. All that is required - download in easy-to-operate large throat of 110 mm the ingredients specified in the recipe, select the desired mode and wait a bit. If you choose a collapsible steam drum, you will get the opportunity to prepare alcoholic drinks and super easy to care for moonshine after its application.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 4.20кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 60.00см x 37.00см x 30.00см
Material Stainless steel 1 mm
Productiveness up to 1 liter/hour
Set of silicone gaskets there is
The height of the assembly 84 sm
Volume of the distillation cube 30 liters
Warranty of the factory 1 year
The diameter of the throat 110 mm
Thermometer there is
Cooler there is
Steam-dome 1 pcs
Ethanol level device no
Hoses for water supply no
The faucet’s adapter for the hose no
The product’s passport/documentation there is
Packing box there is



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