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10 gallon moonshine still "Gorilych" - Premium 30/95/t

10 gallon moonshine still "Gorilych" - Premium 30/95/t
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Choosing what to buy moonshine, should pay attention to quality performance and a complete set of devices. Experienced bootleggers prefer to buy units, equipped with steam drum, allowing to achieve the desired taste and maximize the brew after the first cleaning cycle ferry. Distiller "Gorilych" Premium 30/95/t superbly staffed and has an impressive amount of distillation of the cube, which makes it an indispensable tool in the preparation of a large number of home-brew.
Internet shop of the Chelyabinsk plant distillation apparatus offers to buy moonshine "Gorilych" Premium Series, which has excellent technical characteristics, at an affordable price. You can purchase the product as standard or collapsible steam drum, and add in order for the water hoses, alcoholmeters and other accessories created to facilitate the process of home brewing.

High-quality moonshine - the basis of a delicious brew

Distillation Premium Series device is incredibly simple and easy to operate, making them an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced self-racers. Modifying the volume of a cube of 30 liters and a diameter of 9.5 cm of the neck is made of stainless steel, ensuring a long and safe use.
Moonshine "Gorilych" Premium 30/95/t has a flat bottom, which allows its use on any surface. The product can be easily disassembled, so is easy to care for, and taste the quality of produced beverage remain consistently high. Also, the distiller is equipped with a built-in thermometer for easy control of the distillation conditions.
All the products displayed in the online store CHZDA possess the necessary certificates, confirming the exceptional quality and are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of 1 year. Armed with a user-friendly recipe book, or read the article on our site, you can easily learn the fascinating process of home brewing and delight your friends and relatives delicious strong drink, prepared with their own hands.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 4.90кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 60.00см x 37.00см x 30.00см
Material Stainless steel 1 mm
Productiveness up to 1 liter/hour
Set of silicone gaskets there is
Volume of the distillation cube 30 liters
Warranty of the factory 1 year
The diameter of the throat 95 mm
Thermometer there is
Cooler there is
Steam-dome 1 pcs
Ethanol level device no
Hoses for water supply no
The faucet’s adapter for the hose no
The product’s passport/documentation there is
Packing box there is



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