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Moonshine Gorilych "Suburban" Export 12/80/t

Moonshine Gorilych "Suburban" Export 12/80/t
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Good news for lovers of expensive elite alcoholic drinks - you no longer have to buy them in stores. With moonshine Gorilych "Suburban" Export 12/80/t, you will be able to prepare a pure home-brew, the taste of which you will enjoy yourself and let your loved ones to do it.

     Shop moonshine "CHZDA" offers to buy a quality machine for making home brew at a low price. Moonshine Gorilych "Suburban" Export 12/80/t produced in the factory of high-quality stainless steel 1 mm thick. Stitches designs boil automatic welding, which makes the alembic of 12 mm completely sealed.

     For the safety of the preparation of home-brew unit is equipped with a safety valve, non-flowing type of coil has a flat bottom and a convenient wide neck, through which you can download the necessary ingredients. Cooking alcoholic beverages you can on any stove, including induction with a glass surface.

     High capacity allows only a few hours to get a large amount of rum, whiskey, brandy and other spirits. All you need to do - buy moonshine Gorilych this series, to pay cash on delivery buy and enjoy homemade brew homemade!


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 3.20кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 85.00см x 24.00см x 40.00см
Material Stainless steel 1 mm
Productiveness up to 2 liters / hour
Safety valve there is
Volume of the distillation cube 12 liters
Warranty of the factory 1 year
The diameter of the throat 80 mm
Thermometer there is
Cooler there is
Steam-dome no
Ethanol level device no
Hoses for water supply no
The faucet’s adapter for the hose no
The product’s passport/documentation there is
Packing box there is


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