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Anise seasoning

Anise seasoning
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As we remember from the famous Soviet film, Tsar Ivan the Terrible loved anisette, but rather brew, infused with anise. Of course, moonshine such as we now know, in those days was not, but our ancestors loved spirits with different flavor characteristics.
Name spices: Anise. This plant has been known since ancient times. To us it came from Western Europe and is widely cultivated in the expanses of Russia.
Name of spices that are used in moonshining quite diverse. Anise occupies among them one of the leading places in connection with high saturation essential oils. It is used for the manufacture of spirits such as absinthe, pastis, Pernod, arrack, sambuca.
 There are several recipes for producing anise brew.

  • Take the pound and 1.2 kg of aniseed.
  • Absorb it in 6 liters of purified double-brew and put in a dark place for 3 days.
  • Pour it all in 9 liters of moonshine and overtake.

As a result, you get a wonderful anise brew.


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