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Food flavor to moonshine "Beilis" 25 ml

Food flavor to moonshine "Beilis" 25 ml
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For those fans who are interested in home brewing, concentrates very useful for giving alcoholic beverages noble taste. This concentrate will make the usual brew delicious drink. Flavors "Beilis" - an excellent intense aroma and flavor to your spirits, designed to quickly change the flavor and color properties of liquor in the first place - vodka, vodka or alcohol. The use of this additive makes the drink as much as possible similar to the original desired, including its taste and aroma. The bottle is equipped with a convenient drop dispenser, which enables you to easily adjust the intensity of taste and aroma.

Food flavor to moonshine "Beilis" 25 ml is made in high-tech manufacturing, using only food components. To produce the best ingredients are selected and purchased in manufacturing companies in Germany, France, Great Britain.

Food flavor to moonshine natural identical "Beilis" 25 ml of thermostable and retains all of its organoleptic properties up to 240 ° C.
Buy flavors of moonshine in the online store can be CHZDA komlekte other related products for home brew.




Weight 0.05кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.00см x 6.00см x 5.00см
Taste Bayliss
The optimum amount of 3 ml/1 liter
Thermal stability 240 °C
Volume 25 ml


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