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Carnation whole seasoning

Carnation whole seasoning
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Name spices: cloves whole.
 To make the brew characteristic which distinguishes him from other alcoholic beverages obtained by the moonshine, people often make experiments and obtain very interesting results. Applying a huge number of names of spices, such as cloves whole, you can get spirits with individual traits.
 In cloves enough burning taste and strong aroma. It is rarely used alone, often complete with cinnamon.
Here is a simple recipe for moonshine whole cloves:

Take 90 grams of whole cloves and pound.
Pour in 12 liters of vodka and put on a week in a dark place.
Add another 200 grams of cloves and overtake in the moonshine.
Add sugar at the rate of 100 grams per 3 liters of moonshine.
Try it, you will not regret the time spent!


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