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Seasoning Ginger whole

Seasoning Ginger whole
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Name spices: ginger.

Ginger seasoning in our country is very well known, although there was fresh in our market recently.
Name this seasoning is translated as "horned root." With characteristic pungent taste, defined gingerol and pleasant smell, ginger is widely used in cooking, in particular as a flavoring in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages by a moonshine.
 Ginger liqueur recipe:

 Take 1 liter of vodka double distillation.
Add 0.1 kg of honey and 4 slices of fresh ginger 3-5 cm in length.
Put in a dark place for 2 weeks.
You will receive "energy" drink that will invigorate you and make you look at life in a new way!

Package weight - 50 grams


Brand: Нигерия
Weight 0.05кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.00см x 10.00см x 3.00см
Weight of product 50 g


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