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Malt wheat sprouts

Malt wheat sprouts
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Beer, brew, grain vodka, whiskey can be easily made at home. You will need the appropriate equipment and excellent wheat malt intended for vodka and other alcoholic products. Incomparable bread, protein, rich flavor makes the beer a pleasant and mild, and the spirits will get a unique color and flavor.

The quality of the wheat product
Finding reliable stores, wanting it to buy malt whiskey, connoisseurs of the natural product sometimes meet product quality is very good, many do not even know what characteristics must have a quality product. In wheat grain drying more condensed than that of barley. Quality parameters are: protein - 13.5-14% extract - 81-81,9%, humidity - around 5%, while the wort should turn transparent.
As technology wheat malt during drying is subjected to different temperature conditions. They are changed every 1-2 hours. Compliance with the rules is required to drying, otherwise you will be wasting your time and effort. Group is essential. wheat color is quite intense, especially when drying it minimizes. In our store you can only buy the malt of the highest quality. It is ideal for brewing, production of vodka and whiskey, home brewery.

Products made from wheat malt
About where to buy malt, and how to choose a quality product, we talked. Now consider that because it is prepared. The most famous product is the moonshine and vodka produced on its same basis. These beverages in Russia has more than one hundred years. Wheat malt is used for brewing brewing pale beers fermented, such like in Europe. Using light, dark and caramel malt, it is possible to cook different varieties of beer.
It is believed that home-brewed beer and drink beer without distillation have little sour taste. In the production of whiskey, vodka or vodka, he is lost, but, according to experts tasters, there is the smell of vanilla, prunes and cloves. The most widespread and light caramel malt, wheat, beer from his lover, it is reminiscent of fresh green apples. With its own manufacturing you can experiment a little and add the ingredient that is more like it.

Package weight - 1000 grams.


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Weight of product 1000 g


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