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Membranes for walnut tincture

Membranes for walnut tincture
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In the manufacture of domestic distillate and rectified there comes a time when the author wants to get drinks not only a nice result, but also to diversify the range of homemade alcohol. One popular embodiment of such art are tinctures, which can be prepared as sugar moonshine, and the grain distillates.

Useful properties of membranes walnut
It has long been known as useful walnut tincture of it also has health benefits, in addition - has an excellent flavor and aroma. First of all, the partitions contained in natural iodine. Many residents of the regions of Russia lack of iodine, since it is mainly found in sea water and sea fish, nuts webbed so do not neglect. Tinctures based on them can reduce iodine deficiency in the body.
Membranes walnuts possess antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Also, they may be useful in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, since they have a pronounced astringent. In some cases, the tincture can be used for rubbing the joints of patients, but first is better to consult with your doctor.

How to make not only useful but also delicious tincture
Tincture on the membranes of walnut is quite simple, but it is important to use high quality alcohol base. Suitable distillate, which took place at least two distillations, and well cleaned rectified. It is important to understand that partitioning brew not purified, but only dissolved therein contained in the membrane substance. Therefore, if the brew unclear, has an unpleasant smell - it is better to carry out further actions to clean it before adding the membrane. Some prefer to use for infusions pure rubbing alcohol or vodka - does not affect a matter of taste and quality of the beverage.
Per liter 40-degree vodka is taken 50 grams of partitions, all placed in a glass dish and cleaned in a dark cool place. Infuse should drink 2-3 weeks, to soften the taste, you can add to the infusion of the tea box of honey. Medicinal properties of membranes walnut confirmed officially, but should not be consumed as a tincture resulting brandy or other alcoholic beverage. The dosage of 20-30 grams is better to limit the drink at one time.

The main problem with the preparation of infusions - removing membranes rather laborious and lengthy process. You can save time and book ready ear in our online store, especially since they are quite inexpensive.


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