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Oak Chips "Medium" moderate firing 50 grams

Oak Chips "Medium" moderate firing 50 grams
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Oak chips (chips) used in home moonshining and winemaking at the stage of refinement of vodka, wine, brandy and other alcoholic beverages. Because of oak chips, you significantly reduce the time of ripening of strong and weak alcoholic drinks, giving them a great taste and unique aroma.

Oak chips made from years of Caucasian oak, treated in a special way and are a natural product, which has not been subjected to chemical treatment. Chips fried in special furnaces.
Oak chips during infusion will give your drink a unique soaking effect in oak barrels, without applying them in a short time.
Term Exposure moonshine on oak chips ranges from one to seven days, depending on their number - the Large Live oak chips in the amount of strong drink, the smaller the period of the infusion.

Oak chips "Medium" does sustainable beverage color, improve the structure of the wine, and give a light aroma of caramel, vanilla and roasted coffee.

Package weight - 50 grams


Weight 0.05кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.00см x 10.00см x 2.00см
The degree of roasting Medium
Weight of product 50 g


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