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Activated coconut crushed coal

Activated coconut crushed coal
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Activated coconut crushed coal is made from environmentally friendly raw materials (coconut shell) under the influence of water vapor at a temperature of 800 - 950 C with subsequent crushing. This sorbent (coconut coal) is a porous material. Has a highly developed overall porosity, a wide range of pores and a significant amount of specific absorbing surface. Such characteristics enable efficient use of coconut activated carbon for cleaning liquid media from a wide range of impurities (from small impurities that are commensurable with iodine molecules, to molecules of fats, oils, oil products, organochlorines, etc.).

     Field of application: Purification of drinking water, food products. Equipment of small-size filters and post-treatment filters. Cleaning of alcoholic beverages, strong alcohols, low alcohol and carbonated drinks. Purification of steam condensate.

The weight of the package is 500 grams (+/- 10 grams).


Brand: Индия
Weight 0.50кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.00см x 10.00см x 7.00см
Ash content not more than 6%
Fractional composition <1,0 mm not more than 2%
Fractional composition > 3,6 mm not more than 2,5%
Fractional composition of 1,0 - 3,6 mm not less than 95%
Moisture content no more than 10%
Weight of product 500 g (+/- 10 g)


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