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Yeast alcohol flavored "Thyme" 100g

Yeast alcohol flavored "Thyme" 100g
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Specialty yeast alcohol "Thyme" 100 gr. recommended for various fermentation of starch and sugar-containing raw materials.

Dried yeast alcohol "Thyme" implemented in a vacuum-fill package 100 g

Before use, you need to activate the yeast by rehydration. For this purpose the package contents are diluted in sweetened drinking water (50 g sugar per 1 liter of water) at a temperature 30-35ºS 1:10, stir until a homogeneous suspension and incubate 30 minutes, the yeast ready to be used. When working with yeast should avoid sharp temperature contrasts. Activated yeast make to leaven according to the recipe.


Brand: ОАО "Дрожжевой комбинат"
Weight 0.10кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.00см x 7.00см x 10.00см
Fermentation time 14 days
Fortress of the finished product up to 16 %
Taste Thyme
The optimum amount of 30 liters


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