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Moonshine making equipment "Gorilych"

Moonshine produce the product by direct distillation. On the basis of brandy lovers create numerous and even elite, liqueurs, whiskey, schnapps, grappa, tequila, plum brandy, Calvados, chacha and many other popular spirits.
  •   Do you already have it, but out of order? Buy accessories for moonshine, and you do not have to replace it completely.
  •   Your model is not too perfect? Maybe you just have to buy the steam drum, and everything will fall into place?
  •   You can buy more obemy alembic.
We are ready to help you with advice and offer all the elements for your equipment.
Moonshine, which came from the past, looked quite different. They created a homegrown craftsmen, and they get insecure. On production equipment manufactured steam drum coolers that do not go to any comparison with the same huge and unreliable models. Like all other accessories and items they have become more compact, easy to install and operate.
Today moonshine steam drum and other structural elements:
· Carried out by the manufacturer of the highest quality materials;
· Fully comply with all standards and requirements established in Russia for this product category.
In our online store, of course, sold all, not just the steam drum. We have for sale - many accessories, components and accessories.
Cooler moonshine - one of the most popular components, but not the only popular. We are constantly expanding our product range. You can express your wishes if you do not find in our catalog that you require, and we will try to accommodate your request. The warranty applies to all products CHZDA.
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Element of the system "Gorilych" Universal
In Stock
Element hootch still "Gorilych" - luxury
73€ 79€
In Stock
Hydrolate "Gorilych"
In Stock
A 20 cm tsar with a CLAMP connection for the moonshine
In Stock
A 100 cm tsar with a CLAMP connection for the moonshine
In Stock
A 40 cm tsar with a CLAMP connection for the moonshine
In Stock
Cooler with CLAMP connection
78€ 81€
In Stock
Reflux condenser "Gorilych" with a CLAMP compound
In Stock
Cover for a still cube with a neck of 110 mm
In Stock
Cover with a cube connection with a neck 110 mm
In Stock
Steam drum "Gorilych"
15€ 17€
In Stock
Steam drum "Gorilych" Abramov collapsible
In Stock
Steam drum "Gorilych" collapsible
In Stock
Cooler "Gorilych"
15€ 18€
In Stock
Cooler "Gorilych" Soyuz-Apollo