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Hitch with plastic seal for fermentation

Hitch with plastic seal for fermentation
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Two-chamber plastic water seal with a seal.

Let's first understand, why use a water seal.

Firstly, the water trap is used to remove accumulating during fermentation of carbon dioxide from a home brew vessel or other alcohol-containing liquid, and it stands very much SO₂ - about 4 m³ per liter of the fermentation product obtained.
Secondly, it is desirable to prevent ingress of oxygen contained in the air in the container with Braga, which would eliminate the possibility of the formation of acetic acid, which may lead to souring of wash.
Third, the water seal to visually pinpoint the end of the fermentation process - the lack of evolution of gas bubbles in it will tell you that home-brewed beer is ready for distillation.
This two-compartment plastic water seal allows for all of these requirements, as mentioned above, and to make the process of fermentation in a controlled, comfortable and safe.

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Brand: Китай
Weight 0.02кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.00см x 8.00см x 4.00см
Clamp connection no
Material Plastic


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