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Cooler moonshine "Gorilych"

Cooler moonshine "Gorilych"
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Coolant flow-type home-brewed apparatus "Gorilych" made of polished stainless steel food processing factory, with its compact dimensions has a well-designed for efficient cooling of the distillate.

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Dimensions lower coolant union nut (the connection):

The inner diameter of the nut thread crests - 12.5 mm

The inner diameter of the nut thread troughs - 14 mm

Height rezbovogo connection - 10 mm

Pitch - 1.5

The end of the stainless tube - diam.8 mm hemispherical beading diam.10 mm


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 0.40кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20.00см x 12.00см x 7.00см
Clamp connection no
Material Stainless steel
Number of turns 6,5
The diameter of the tubes 8 mm
Warranty of the factory 1 year

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