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Regular wire stainless steel nozzle Panchenkova for moonshine "Gorilych"

Regular wire stainless steel nozzle Panchenkova for moonshine "Gorilych"
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​Regular wire nozzle is Panchenkova components for mesh bumpers process vessels, distillation columns. It is intended for the separation of entrained liquid from the flow of steam/gas in the distillation, absorption, and other stripper column apparatuses, separators, scrubbers, filters, as well as in the construction of devices that require removal of smoke and dust. Regular wire nozzle (RPN) Panchenkova made of metal wire 12X18H10T

Buy a regular wire nozzle (RPN) Panchenkova stainless CHZDA online store can be komlekte other related products for home brew.


Brand: Химмашнефтекомплект
Weight 0.12кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.00см x 15.00см x 11.00см
Material Stainless steel
Number of threads 4
Shirring there is
The diameter of the wire 0,15 mm
The length of the sleeve 1000 mm
The width of the sleeve 100 мм


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