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Thermometer LCD self-adhesive to control the fermentation process

Thermometer LCD self-adhesive to control the fermentation process
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We present you the LCD self-adhesive thermometer for measuring temperature in the range 18-34 ° C. Designed to control the temperature of the wort (mash) before laying the yeast, as well as in the process of fermentation. It is important to maintain a certain temperature, so that the yeast is not lost, as well as to the fermentation process stopped.
 Thermometer LCD self-adhesive strip is a thin black sticker-deposited with a graded scale on one side and adhesive coated on the other side.
 The effect of the thermometer is based on the change in color of the liquid crystal on the surface of the device under the influence of temperature. An important advantage is safety (does not contain mercury), compactness and convenience in use.
 This thermometer is easily glued onto a glass or plastic container, and allows you to control the temperature of the wort during fermentation.

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Brand: Китай
Weight 0.05кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.00см x 5.00см x 5.00см
Material Plastic
Measurement accuracy 4%
Temperature range 18 - 34°C

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