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BBQ steel folding "Gorilych" small

BBQ steel folding "Gorilych" small
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     Many would agree that the best way to relax - communication with relatives of people for a kebab. Slightly fewer say that the best place for such a holiday - a trip out of the city into the countryside. Dissent among the top three reasons why many call charges, the need for loading and transportation of heavy equipment, which occupies a lot of space in the car, and the complexity of the arrangement of a new place. Solve the problem of inconvenience helps BBQ collapsible "Gorilych" steel, featuring compactness, ease and lack of requirements for the ability to assemble and disassemble.

Which BBQ buy for going on nature

     Brazier folding "Gorilych" small, manufactured in our factory, suitable for going on nature with the family vacation at the cottage, fishing in the pond, after hunting in the woods and hiking. You can buy a grill and fry it, or barbecue fish without the cost of extra time. It has all the necessary features:
• Steel thickness of 1.5 mm allows for years to roast delicious barbecue at the optimum temperature. Brazier will take with you through thick and thin and will last for years without loss of quality.
• Do not deform during transport and long-term operation.
• Assembly and disassembly takes less time than stringing meat on skewers.
• Prefabricated BBQ weighs less iron analog or set of bricks (3 kg).
• For them to sit comfortably thanks to the selection height (22 cm).
• When assembled, steel grill takes up less space than a folding stool.

The materials used in production, are safe for human health, animals and the environment.
     In our online shop you can buy an inexpensive BBQ "Gorilych" steel small - material resists fading. Optimally matched thickness provides the desired performance and rapid cooling after use. The design is focused on ease of operation and cleaning of ash and fat. The presence of holes allows to improve the circulation of air flow required for the combustion and further reduces the weight. Due to the polished reflecting surface, he will play the ignition lights the fire and create a cozy atmosphere.
You can buy a grill and improve travel conditions.

Buy folding steel BBQ and simplify your life

     We have extensive experience in working with steel and have tried to develop the product with an optimal design. Buy BBQ "Gorilych" small, the price is significantly less precious time spent with friends, and get a solid foundation for a comfortable outing with 12 months of official factory warranty. For more accurate information, please contact our consultants.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 3.00кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.00см x 20.00см x 25.00см
Holes for air access there is
Material Steel
The height of the assembly 22 sm
Thickness 1,2 mm
Volume 10 liters
Warranty of the factory 1 year
Packing box there is

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