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BBQ steel folding "Gorilych" big

BBQ steel folding "Gorilych" big
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Everyone wants to relax in comfort and organize your stay with a minimum of effort. In today's housing rarely boasts free square meters. At the same time relax a big company like many. To organize gatherings at the cottage or outdoors several families or a large company, you can buy BBQ collapsible "Gorilych" high by 16 skewers and please all at once hot and fresh barbecue. At the same time, you can disassemble it into sections and to lay down for the winter and collect quickly when a good opportunity to get together again.

Features barbecue design

Brazier folding 16 skewers has a simple to disassemble the structure to secure the bolts:
• In spite of the large dimensions that allow to serve up to 16 people at once (in the assembled state has a height of 70 cm) - allows you to fold it after operating for a short time.
• Increased service life provides is used in the production of thick black steel with a thickness of 2 mm.
• When a large thickness has a weight that allows to rearrange the brazier alone, due to the large number of recesses.
• Qualitative study of blanks in a hydraulic press excludes the possibility of deformation of the brazier in transportation and heavy use.
• Tight fitting parts does not occur uneven voltage metal that has a beneficial effect on the duration of the operation.
Extensive experience working with the manufacturer of hardware allowed to create a thought-out design. Brazier folding "Gorilych" large easy to wash and clean after cooking, and during the opening improves the supply of oxygen, so it will be easier to maintain the optimum temperature roasting. Barbecue, price is an affordable, intuitive to use and nice to look at the design. With such a brazier you can forget about vykladyvanii bricks and having to work in an uncomfortable position.

What do we offer

In our online shop you can buy an inexpensive BBQ improved reliability, confirmed by manufacturer's warranty for 12 months. With it, you decide to permanently option the problem of finding rest and storage space required hardwired counterparts. The kit includes all the elements necessary for binding details. Order Folding BBQ "Gorilych" large or contact our consultants for information and get the opportunity to gather with family and friends at any time.


Brand: ЧЗДА
Weight 12.00кг
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7.00см x 70.00см x 40.00см
Holes for air access there is
Material Steel
The height of the assembly 70 sm
Thickness 2 mm
Volume 48 liters
Warranty of the factory 1 year
Packing box there is


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