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Collapsible steam drum for moonshine

  • 02 March 2015
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     We are glad to announce the release for sale of the new collapsible steam drum under the moonshine "Gorilych" - Premium. Reliable and user-friendly design collapsible steam drum (unscrewed a glass of stainless steel) allow you to vary the flavors of the finished product with the ability to bookmark it different aromatic ingredients, add the ability, without interrupting the distillation process, the beating of accumulated secondary distillation products, simplify maintenance and cleaning after its completion.

     Collapsible steam-dome of your choice equipped with a moonshine "Gorilych" - Premium and sold separately (in a line of models of domestic moonshine "Gorilych" Abramov collapsible design steam-dome is standard). Thanks to the recommendations of our customers are now the distillation process became simpler, easier, and its result will certainly appreciate the high-quality fans spirnogo strong drink.


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