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Began selling the entire line of household moonshine "Gorilych" with neck 95 mm in diameter with a convenient screw cap

  • 04 September 2016
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CHZDA plant started sales of domestic models moonshine "Gorilych" Conveniently a filling neck 95 mm, with screw cap.
The appearance of these options moonshine with a wide neck 95 mm due to, first of all, numerous wishes of our customers, many of whom rightly expect ease of operation moonshine "Gorilych" and ease of caring for them.

Now everyone can choose in our store right model moonshine "Gorilych" or retrofitted existing vehicles with new stills with 95 mm neck, ordered separately.

All Moonshine "Gorilych" with a large and comfortable 95 mm neck equipped with a silicone gasket and a bimetallic thermometer.


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