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The official sales of the line of the Gorilych double-distillation apparatus "Soyuz-Apollo" started with a brave column and demountable dead cells

  • 08 July 2017
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Since July 2017, the CHZDA has started official sales of a new line of its distillers - modular, dual-distillation units Gorilich "Soyuz-Apollo" with a brave column and demountable dry-cells.
For all connoisseurs of home-made strong drinks of their own production, there are now a choice of ADPs with two distillation circuits (double distillation in one cycle), in the first circuit of which there is either a brace column or two demountable dryers.

The distinctive features of these brewery double distillers are also:
  • The presence of clamp connections that allow further improvement of the distiller by adding various modules: diopters, extension rods and other modules;
  • The availability in the coolers of hermetic quick-detachable rotary joints of own design;
  • The induction bottom of the distillation cube, which allows the modular ADC Gorilych to work both on gas and electric plates, and on induction surfaces;
  • Complete disassembly of the entire structure for easy access to all nodes and elements;
  • The possibility of selecting "heads" (low-boiling fractions) both after the first circuit and after the second distillation circuit.


With more detailed information about the design and operation, as well as buy a novelty, you can go to the category Modular self-contained devices Gorilich "Soyuz-Apollo" double distillation (ADP)


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