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On July 1 in Russia come into force GOST, legalizing the production of distilled beverages from grain.

  • 26 August 2015
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    On July 1 in Russia come into force GOST 55799-2013 "grain distillate. Specifications ", legalizing the production of any distilled beverage from grain - whether in Britain invented whiskey or a traditional Russian moonshine. Although whiskey and moonshine are widespread in the Russian market, still do not exist for the state standard of legal production in Russia. Therefore whiskey we have almost entirely imported (there is only one example of whiskey production in Russia, permission was obtained prior to the establishment Rosalkogolregulirovaniya) and moonshine - artisanal or imported (there are examples of industrial production by Russian companies abroad). Who will now produce whiskey and moonshine in Russia when the Russian legal drink will be on the shelf, and how much they will cost, RBC found.

     Spirits made from alcohols, which can be obtained in two ways: by rectification or distillation. Rectification gives alcohol cleaner - it is well suited for the production of vodka. Distilling alcohol gives less clear, but it preserves the flavors and tastes of raw material. Over the flavors and appreciate whiskey, brandy, rum, moonshine and other.

     Cognacs and brandies - So far, only guests on the production of distillates from grapes existed in Russia. State standards for the production of grain distillates did not exist. Of course, on the illicit market was a lot of home-brew: according to the director of branch agency TSIFRRA Vadim Drobiz annual turnover of artisanal vodka in Russia is about 150-170 million liters. For comparison, the legal vodka production in Russia in 2014 amounted to 666 million liters.

     Russian businessmen have begun to show interest in the industrial production of moonshine from the beginning of 2000. For example, in 2003 the employees of the publishing house "Kommersant" Pavel Prezhentsev, Nikolai and Alexei Polouektov Hodorych founded the "Moonshine" Ltd. for industrial production of moonshine. Partners plan to produce several kinds of drinks under the brand name "Kosogorov moonshine", including grain distillate, but due to lack of guests are not able to agree on the organization of its production with any company. "Since neither GOST nor the technical conditions for the production of grain distillates were not, and application for the development of the necessary documentation after the expiration of the stipulated statutory period - six months - could not be satisfied, we decided to focus on the production of moonshine on the basis of grape distillate" - says partner in the book "chronicles of moonshine." Later, the company "Moonshine" began to produce grain "Kosogorov moonshine" in Bulgaria. Now the project is no longer engaged in founding: OOO "Moonshine" belongs Nikita Mikhailov. In one of the Russian Internet shops half a liter of rye or wheat "Kosogorova moonshine" is now offered for 832 rubles.

     Chemerisov of Ron says that he is ready to begin production of vodka in Russia. According to him, Ron was in talks with four companies in February this year at the "Prodexpo" exhibition: two of them can produce alcohol, distillate, and other two - the products based on it. Chemerisov does not name the partners, for the official announcement of the plans must first obtain permission PAP. "Rodionov and sons" did not respond to RBC related to "moonshine" failed.
     The only company, announced plans to release in Russia own whiskey for receiving guests - Eastern European distribution company (VEDK), Vasily Anisimov. VEDK - a major distributor of vodka ( "Putinka", "Stolichnaya", "Moskovskaya"). According to Brand Director VEDK Stanislav Kaufman, the company plans to expand at the expense of the whiskey brand Stoli (received abroad short for "Capital"). The main platform for the production of Stoli whiskey may become Moscow plant "Crystal" (production site is located in the village of Korystovo the Kashira district near Moscow). Now the factory is modernization, after the completion of which, a year later, in the "Crystal" you can begin to make their own brandies and whiskeys, said Kaufman. Get comment at the "Crystal" RBC failed.

     According to Kaufman, VEDK plans to place on the "crystal" production orders "whiskey-based drink 'and the original whiskey. "Drink" will cost in retail about 400 rubles. per 0.5 liter bottle of whiskey 0,7 l - about 630 rubles. This price should be interesting Russian buyers. Due to the devaluation of the ruble at the end of last year the price of imported whiskey has grown substantially: if you compare June of this year to June, the retail price of imported spirits increased by 20-25%, estimated Drobiz. The drop of whiskey imports in the first five months of this year compared to last year amounted to 35.5%. And began to gain popularity cheaper "Viskova beverages," wrote RBC July 10.
     However, the Russian whiskey Stoli will appear on the shelves no sooner than in 2019. According to the approved state standards, alcohols whiskey must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. "We want to make an honest drink, so our spirits whiskey will be maintained for three years, then blended - agrees Kaufman. - All this is not fast processes


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