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Ingredients for home-made beer: a drink of famous writers and poets

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    The people of creative professions, according to experts, more likely to use alcohol homemade. This applies not only to the contemporary creative elite, but also poets, writers and artists who have left a deep mark in history.

     Many of them have used ingredients for making home brew to brew, while others prefer to buy ready-made drinks. One way or another, but history knows a lot of big names of representatives of the creative intelligentsia, who became famous not only their creativity, but also its fatal predilection.

Great poets, writers and artists of Russia, who loved to drink

     One of the most famous creative people who consumed alcohol homemade, prepared with ingredients for making home brew to brew, is Mikhail Sholokhov. Great writer, author of "Quiet Flows the Don", was distinguished by addiction to alcohol, the drinking began in early adolescence. He did not need a company or a friendly interest to get a drink. He drank a lot and alone until his death. He died the great writer from throat cancer.

     Alexei Savrasov - a great artist who painted "The Rooks Have Arrived" also differed excessive passion for alcohol. Ingredients for moonshine he picked up on their own, to consume alcoholic beverages and this has led to the fact that he died in the hospital from delirium tremens.

     Vladimir Vysotsky - a famous actor, poet and performer of his own songs. Glory he acquired in the second half of the twentieth century, and that she had and ruined. Vysotsky was undeniably talented and he worked for wear. He could not find another way to relax than to drink alcohol in large doses. This led to his death at the age of 42 years.

     Among the foreign representatives of creative intelligentsia also have "their heroes" who have become famous not only creativity, but also irrepressible love for alcohol. For example, Edgar Allan Poe - author, who has written dozens of little eerie, but vivid stories. One day, he was found in a ditch in a state of extreme intoxication and taken to the hospital, where the writer died.

     Observe the measure should be in everything, especially in the use of alcoholic beverages. Take care of your health - do not abuse alcohol and raduyte yourself and your friends only quality spirits.


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