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As a snack than spirits in different countries

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    Spirits have in almost all cultures. Once a person learns to produce liquor and various drinks came a great multitude, and each relies own snack.

     Our people know how to have a snack almost every meal, as a joke, "a bottle of vodka and toffee," but there are snacks, emphasizing the taste of the drink and neutralizing a hangover, and other products contrary impair health.

     Physicians are advised not to consume alcoholic beverages with large amounts of fatty foods, otherwise the liver will receive a double blow. Also fats block the alcohol in the stomach and the person does not feel the real extent of his intoxication, that sometimes leads to disappointing results.

     Doctors as an ideal complement to the strong alcohol recommend lemons, grapes, apples and sauerkraut, and are advised to be more moderate, as in drinks and food. However, if the tequila lime supposed to have a snack, the Russian tradition without cracklings to Charco not do. You agree that brew a double distillation with a piece of bacon and pickled cucumber, and even with some bread Borodino - it's just a holiday!

Snack to vodka and moonshine

     Vodka is more civilized relative of moonshine, but because it serves to rely of the same type. There are good all the traditional dishes: aspic with horseradish, herring under a fur coat, a salad "Olivier", caviar black, red, and "Overseas eggplant", home-made, and other delicacies. And some are smart snack cakes with the noble fish (those who know, probably already started salivating). If your family still make dumplings, and then they go well under the strong alcohol.
The main recommendation: moderate and less fat.

Snack to cognac

     Cognac - a noble beverage, usually served him a lemon, cheese, grapes and chocolate. Cognac is good in itself, it can not do anything to have a snack, a glass of warm hands and enjoy the taste and aroma. History ascribes authorship of one of the cognac snacks last Russian emperor. It is said that Nicholas II liked to sprinkle with a slice of lemon with sugar and ground coffee.

Snack whiskey

     Whiskey today extremely popular among our fellow citizens, but some drink it like vodka and seize respectively. However, in Scotland, where I came from this wonderful drink, it is not accepted to have a snack, sometimes it simply combine with food. Products are selected so that they do not interrupt the taste of the beverage. Experts have even developed a special tables, which indicate compliance with certain varieties of different dishes drink. In Scotland, whiskey is added soda, and in Ireland - use a clean, seizing smoked.

Snack gin

     Vodka on the juniper was invented in England. Today gin serves as the main ingredient for cocktails. According to the British tradition of gin diluted diluted tonic drink without snacks. To neat gin can be submitted pickled vegetables and olives.

Snack to tequila

     We all know that tequila is being driven from the cactus, but in fact it is made from agave. National Mexican strong drink is known for its special ritual consumption: salt lick, to overturn the "drink" eat lime. In Europe, salt and lime was replaced with cinnamon and orange.
Tequila - strong drink, but because without the snacks you can do, if you drink a couple of servings. In Mexico, tequila is served to meat, bread and salsa.

Snack to grappa

     Grappa - an Italian grape vodka, or even brew. With her well combined Italian cuisine, as well as grapes, cheese and olives.

Snack to rum

     Rome came to us from the Caribbean. According to distinguish the fortress rum white, black and gold. White rum to drink as an aperitif before meals, snacks light. Black rum pleased with himself after a meal, jammed with dark chocolate or fruit. Golden rum - the best, it is used alone or with a good cigar.

Snack to Chach

     Chacha - Georgian grape spirit became the national drink. Regarding the starters there is no consensus. Abkhazians believe that you can have a snack chacha any meal. The tradition of Western Georgia prescribes apply to Chach sweet snacks, and Eastern - spicy and salty. In principle, chacha blends well with any dishes of Georgian cuisine.

The snack absinthe

     Traditionally, absinthe is not a snack. The beverage has come to us from France, and there is no alcohol snack and meal washed down. Favorite drink Impressionists is quite tart taste, and therefore is served with a piece of sugar, it is permitted to seize a slice of lemon.

Snack to Sake

     Sake is called Japanese rice vodka, but this drink is essentially a strong wine. For sake suitable for almost all Japanese dishes. Do not jam sake only spicy food, such as snacks distorts the original taste. Sake snack squid, small sandwiches, sushi and rolls.

Snack to liquors

     Liqueurs jam is not accepted. They are added to tea, coffee, cocktails, or just use. Class liqueur Becherovka belongs, amaretto, Curacao, Sambuca, Cuantro, and so on.
If you want to pick up a snack to the liquor, you should observe the rule "supplement like with like". For good fruit liqueur candied fruit, and a vanilla - chocolate or cookies.

     The conclusion is that when choosing a snack to drink, set off by the taste and moderation.


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