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Peter I and his contradictory attitude to alcohol

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Emperor Peter I - certainly an experienced politician and a talented statesman. But fame brought him not fatal to Russian reforms and the spread on the lands of Muscovy indiscriminate alcoholism.

     It is known that alcohol - an effective ideological tool that can distract the nation from public issues and make it more susceptible to the actions of the authorities. Peter the Great decided to fully take advantage of spirits, brought to Muscovy overseas rum, brandy and vodka. The latter turned out to be very easy to make, and therefore rapidly taken root among the people.

     Moonshine in Moscow at that time already existed, but remained a privilege of the rich nobility. Since the beginning of the alcohol policy Peter vysokogradusnye tinctures have become available to the public on an unprecedented scale.

     Great Emperor himself loved merry a high degree, and solder close to his people. For example, daily poured vodka free of civil servants, construction workers, sailors and soldiers. Peter was established by The All-Joking, All-Drunken Synod of Fools and Jesters, uniting the king's supporters. This unusual carnival organization has existed for more than thirty years, a parody of the Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity, the state symbols of Russia and Europe. A characteristic feature of the Cathedral was drinking alcohol in large doses and following this mayhem. While entertainment events emperor selected the most faithful, loyal and obedient officials, and also worked on teambuilding.

     However, in 1714 Peter I established the medal "for drunkenness" - an iron medal weighing more than 7 kg. This "reward" was issued at the police station: it was hung on the neck of people, excessive use alcoholic beverages. According to some sources, to wear such insignia offender had at least a week.

     Perhaps it is a time of Peter the Russian people remained addicted to alcohol. Of course, Russia today is not alcoholism thrives on such a scale, and it can not but rejoice. For the modern Russians much nicer and more correct to buy moonshine in Moscow, make home luxury spirits and entertain their friends and relatives.


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