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Home and shop alcohol: what is better - to buy a drink in a store or to prepare a moonshine?

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    Alcohol homemade hundreds of years in high demand in Russia and other former Soviet states. This is not surprising, because the brew is pure and tasty drink that with a reasonable use can give a lot of pleasant experiences.

     Home brew of modern times has a rich "biography". At a time when the Soviet government began to actively develop the industrial production of alcoholic beverages, homemade alcohol put under the ban and buy moonshine, and even more so to use it, it was a crime. However, despite this, the desperate lovers homemade alcohol production continued howling underground, risking their own freedom and reputation. It was then for the first time are having a heated debate about which is better - a shop or a home alcohol?

Buy or cook at home?
     Elite alcoholic drinks that are sold in stores, of course, pleasant to the taste. However, not all manufacturers of expensive drinks responsibly to fulfill its tasks, with the result that buying their products, many are disappointed. Industrial production of alcohol is not the goal to provide the consumer a quality product, and to extract the maximum benefit. The result - the low quality of the product, which is positioned as a high quality and luxury.
     That is why the sale of moonshine in Chelyabinsk today is actively gaining momentum. Reasonable people understand that it is much cheaper to buy moonshine on the Internet, to acquire the necessary ingredients for a home brew moonshine, and prepare to clean and tasty drink at home.

Benefits of home brewing

     Alcohol domestic production have obvious advantages over shopping products. In particular, it relates to the merits of moonshine:
  • Save - you only need to buy hooch from the manufacturer, and then periodically to buy the ingredients for the brew;
  • Minimum production time - modern cell phones allow to cook for brewing beverages for couple of hours;
  • Clean and impeccable taste - in homemade drinks you add only the ingredients for home-made beer to brew that you see fit.

     And, of course, we can not say about the safety of domestic alcohol. Self preparation of drinks exclude the addition of harmful substances, so drink a drink, you can not fear for their health.


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