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Moonshine in St. Petersburg or industrial alcohol: which is better?

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    Alcoholic drinks are a constant companion of cheerful parties, get-togethers with friends, celebrations and festivities. It is believed that the use of alcohol - addiction. But this only applies to cases where alcoholic beverages are used regularly and in large quantities. If the alcohol drink moderately, it is even somewhat helpful.

     But this is really high-quality beverages that do not contain harmful impurities. How many of these can be found on the shelves in stores? Hardly. That's why people today buy moonshine in St. Petersburg for cooking brew at home. Motivate them by the fact that industrial alcohol, including that which is classified as elite, is of poor quality and dangerous to health. Is it really? Let's face it.

Cons industrial alcohol

     Nowadays buy moonshine in St. Petersburg may be any resident of the city and the Leningrad region. Buying distillation apparatus - a good buy that will allow to cook excellent high-quality drinks. With it, you will forget the taste of the alcohol industry and its disadvantages, among which:

• The content of harmful impurities and fusel oils - Industrial alcohol contains various additives that improve the taste, but cause severe intoxication;
• High cost - buy moonshine in St. Petersburg is much cheaper than regularly purchase ready-alcoholic beverages;
• The specific taste - the taste of the finished alcohol is inferior taste of home brew;

     People who drank alcohol industry are very familiar with this condition, as a hangover. And those who have already decided to buy moonshine in St. Petersburg say that moderate consumption of domestic alcoholic beverages does not cause intoxication and get rid of this condition.


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