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Cubes to moonshine: how to choose the right container for mash

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    Alembic is one of the main parts of the structure of home-brewed apparatus of any design. It is a metal container for heating and evaporating fractions. From the quality of the container and its correct operation depends largely on the taste characteristics of the final product. It is therefore essential to choose the right volume of a cube, and pay careful attention to ensure its correct operation.

The optimal volume of a cube

     Length cooking home-brew used containers made of copper or stainless steel with capacity from 10 to 50 liters. When choosing a need to focus on how much of the product you wish to receive for each distillation.
To find the right volume, there is a formula that allows you to calculate the approximate amount of alcohol obtained by using different cubes. It takes into account the basic rules of brewing:
  • 25% of the volume of the cube should be left blank so that the evaporation process formed foam does not leak from the container;
  • 80% of the volume of wash will be the bard - waste from distillation, unfit for further use;
  • 20% of the finished product make the initial and final fractions are considered unfit for consumption.
     Thus, in order to calculate the amount of alcohol that you get you exit from the volume of a cube moonshine need to subtract 25% (the empty space that is not filled in Braga), from the resulting number to take away 80% (waste) from the resulting number to take away and 20% (unused fraction).

Rules of operation of the distillation cube

     When boiling and evaporation of the mash in pot stills for moonshine constantly keeps a sufficiently high pressure. An important role is played by a reliable sealing of the container. Even the smallest crevice leading to the exit steam pressure reduction and affect the quality of the manufactured product. Therefore, before distillation capacity must be monitored closely.

     It is also necessary to pay attention to the process of heating cube. For temperature control capabilities container equipped with a thermometer. It allows you to determine the time of boiling liquid, when it comes to gathering the initial fractions. By heating a home-brewed apparatus cube in several ways. The most outdated and impractical considered heated on the fire, as it quickly leads to damage of the vessel. The use of gas, electricity or PETN tiles will extend the life of the cube. But keep in mind the fact that a large capacity hard enough to put on a plate, in addition, the device can not withstand the load. Therefore, the most practical option is to use the built-in electric heaters. Such embodiment does not harm the metal walls, the bottom of the product and does not require movement of the cube.


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