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Buy alcohol at the store and take a chance or to order a home distillery and enjoy?

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    It's no secret that the quality of the store alcoholic beverages, including those which are positioned as elite, in recent years has fallen below the permissible level. Many people, going to the store to purchase brandy, whiskey, brandy or other alcohol, not sure 100 per cent that he will sell the product of decent quality.

     Reasonable people, so as not to risk it, choosing a different path - a home distillery bought online store CHZDA and master the intricacies of the manufacture of alcoholic beverages at home. In this regard, one of the most important by far is the question of how moonshine is better and what a small distillery home?

What is a small distillery?

     Home mini distillery - a compact plant for the production of liqueurs, brandy, whiskey, brandy and other alcoholic beverages at home. Although the same principle of operation, the distillery home differs from traditional moonshine. Primarily the differences relate to the structure itself. Moonshine distillation consist of a cube and coil over which the ingredients distillation - distillation. Mini distillery - a distillation column, which can be used to produce up to 200 milliliters of pure moonshine per hour.

     Such systems have many advantages, including:

• Ease of use - units sold with instructions for use. After buying the moonshine of this type, you will only have to order the ingredients to brew and you can start producing elite alcohol;
• Performance - with the help of installations for distilling, you can produce several liters of drink per hour;
• Durability - all moonshine on CHZDA plant are assembled from high-quality materials, therefore, have a long service life.

     Mass production of moonshine in Rostov-on-Don, and other cities of Russia - it is an opportunity for anyone to forget the taste of low-grade store alcoholic beverages and never risk using them. Especially because today you can buy moonshine at a very low price.


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