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What would have been reviews of moonshine from famous people?

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    Love to alcoholic beverages is common to many people - someone is more, someone less. It is believed that the addiction to alcohol experienced representatives of the lower strata of the population, is not arranged, and dissatisfaction with life. However, the historical facts are the complete opposite of this statement. History knows the big names of people who became famous not only for its artistic or scientific achievements, but also passionately devoted to love for alcoholic beverages. And what would happen if they could comment on the moonshine?

Famous writers, suffering from alcohol addiction.
     On the domestic writers who had an addiction to alcohol, written by more than one material. Meanwhile, there is a fairly long list of their foreign colleagues, who also became famous not only for its products but also addiction. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Erich Maria Remarque. In 1930, this writer wrote his best work - "All Quiet on the Western Front." In circulation, it is second only to the Bible - is not an indication of the genius of its author?
     However, Erich Maria Remarque, like many of his colleagues worked mostly under the influence of alcohol. He was constantly tormented by depression and dissatisfaction with their own labor. He passed two World Wars and alcohol became his constant companion. In recognition of the writer, favorite spirits helped him to forget all the horrors of past wars. It is noteworthy that all the characters in his works and could not do without alcohol - they preferred the calvados. Remarque binges tend to be natural, and when he came out of them, then lamented the bygone time, which he could use more productively. I wonder if Remarque could leave reviews about moonshine, something that he wrote?
     Jack London - another famous writer, whose reviews of moonshine would be interested in reading the many. The heroes of his works - the courageous and brave people who can overcome any obstacle in its path. But the writer was not like them. Overcoming obstacles was given to him with great difficulty. Persistent depression caused his alcoholism. For 37 years the writer has become the most popular and highly paid. The burden of responsibility, a big load and the constant use of alcoholic beverages broke down his psyche and in 1916 he committed suicide.


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